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Green Chicken & Vegetable Chili

Oct 24 2013

As it’s the end of October, I expected I’d be posting recipes like gluten-free pumpkin breads with coconut frosting or perhaps a creamy spiced kabocha squash soup. And I still plan to do that, but they’ll have be GAPS-friendly (more on that soon). In an ideal world, the chili I’m sharing with you is best suited to the produce of late summer/early fall (depending on where you live) and to cooler weather when we crave stews the most. But, some recipes we end up eating year-round, whether or not you adapt them to the seasonal produce most readily available. … Read On »

Green Chicken & Vegetable Chili

In early fall, this chili takes advantage of the last of the late summer produce like zucchini and peppers, and goes heartier with the addition white beans, chicken, and swiss chard. The veggies soak up the chili spices and make it a one-dish meal. Of course you could enjoy this year-round, with minor adaptations. Feel ...

Salt Water Farm in Maine

Oct 20 2013

Along Maine’s pristine coast, there’s a true farm-to-table heaven on earth, called Salt Water Farm. At the end of the summer, on a fantastic trip to the state I have a deep and quite child-like crush on, I visited Annemarie Ahearn’s farm/cooking school and brand new café in midcoast Maine. Lincolnville is home to the peaceful farm where fruits, vegetables, and culinary and medicinal plants grow right up on the coastline in the salty air, overlooking the deep blue Penobscot Bay. The charming cooking school is also on the farm, where Annemarie and local instructors as well as guest chefs from across the world teach classes and 3-day workshops to students seeking a precious culinary experience. … Read On »