Homeskillet Real Food Feels Good



Bring me to your home, community organization, school, small business, corporate office, health center, clinic, spa, farmer’s market, farm, or party for a customized presentation or cooking demonstration on the topic of your choosing. Presentations can include tastings of the perfect dish for the health-based theme and recipes to hand out to the audience. Presentations are intended to engage and inspire home cooks, holistic wellness practitioners, health care professionals, people coping with health challenges, and anyone interested to invest greater energy into quality food, vibrant health, and strong communities.

Sample Topics include:

  • Real Food Fundamentals
  • Beat the Sugar Beast
  • Healthy Splurging: Appetizers, Cocktails and Desserts without the Guilt
  • The Whole Story on Whole Grains
  • Color Your Plate: Antioxidant Foods for Health
  • Nourished Family: An Intro to Traditional Diets for Growing Families
  • Gut Feelings: The Digestion & Mood Connection
  • Healing Digestive Disorders the Kitchen
  • Creative Cooking for Kids with Food Allergies
  • Benefits of Paleo & Traditional Foods-Inspired Diets
  • Herbs, Weeds, & Roots, Oh My: How to Cook & Brew Medicinal Plants with Minimal Effort

* I love to collaborate and partner with community groups and businesses. Also, I can periodically offer discounts for non-profit organizations and communities with financial limitations. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas!


Please get in touch and we can work out a great program at the right budget!