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Personal Chef Services

Personal Chef Services

Preparing food at home isn’t always an option for everyone. During illness and healing—when it can be the hardest to eat fresh, nutritious foods—we really need this food the most. When we’re busy and overwhelmed, it’s a relief to come home to a wholesome meal, ready to be heated and served, and no mess to clean up. If someone isn’t in a position to cook from scratch, they don’t have to miss out on the health benefits and the warmth that comes with carefully prepared meals made with nutrient-dense ingredients. If you’d like fresh, delicious meals, customized to your likes and health goals, I can come over to your house and cook the foods that will best nourish you and your family.

I conscientiously select the highest quality ingredients for your meals, whenever possible opting for local and organic produce, humane pasture-raised meat, eggs, and dairy, and sustainable seafood. Avoiding pesticide residues, genetically-modified ingredients, chemical preservatives, and additives reduces our exposure to toxins and helps ward off damage to our health. When available, imported foods are organic and fair-trade. As consumers, we can choose with our dollars to support food producers whose standards we can stand behind, including environmentally-sound farming methods and ethical business practices.

Depending on availability, chef services are for four hours of cooking plus one hour of shopping, one day per week for individuals and for families of two to six. The client reimburses me for the cost of groceries when making a weekly payment. I prepare the food in your kitchen, package them in non-toxic glass containers ready to go straight into the fridge or freezer, and clean up. I can create the ideal package for you, whether it's three complete dinners with all of the sides, four main dishes, complete lunch boxes for four days, two complete dinners plus grab-and-go snacks for the week, or another combination to match your likings.

I’ll have you fill out a comprehensive survey to learn your individual or household food preferences and dietary restrictions so you are totally happy with the variety and flavors of your meals. For anyone with health conditions, we can incorporate supportive, healing foods or follow a specific diet protocol. All therapeutic chef clients receive a complementary 30-minute consultation to discuss your goals and preferences for this highly customized service.