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Meal Plans

Meal Plans

Many clients recognize they need extra structure to feel more inspired and successful cooking from scratch or following a special diet, and meal plans take away all the stressful guesswork. And since healthy eating should by no means feel restricted or boring, these recipes are so satisfying they may well become lifelong favorites that you can rely on when you're cooking with less structure later down the road. Foodies love these recipes, and I hope you'll love them too.

Meal plans include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for two weeks, with inspired but simple recipes and weekly shopping lists.

I can create a custom meal plan based on your preferences and food sensitivities so you never have to adapt a recipe or end up with a recipe that you don't like. I also offer Whole30, AIP (Autoimmune Paleo), GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) and SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) meal plans, with guidelines and tips for making the most of these healing protocols.

Gut-healing diets and gentle detoxification programs are beneficial for people coping with or recovering from a variety health conditions, as well as overgrowth of yeast, bacterial infections, parasites, multiple food and environmental allergies, addictions, or not-so-healthy lifestyle habits over time (no judgments, of course!) Stress and the environment we live in ultimately take a toll on our bodies. When inflammation in our bodies gets amped up, we can actually turn the dial down to a healthier place of balance. Creating the time to relieve yourself from a toxic burden—such as pesticides, processed ingredients, unfiltered water, medications, alcohol, pollution, and stress—can jumpstart a path to healing.

Many of us will feel more clear, energized, and grounded after a cleanse. It’s also great opportunity to tune in to how foods may be affecting you; body awareness can be integral when health issues are cloudy or persistent, and you might not have realized you're reacting to a certain food. These programs can also inspire us to keep up with a wholesome diet afterwards during our regular routines. We can also think of detoxification periods as regular ‘health maintenance,’ to give our hard-working bodies a good break once or twice a year from all of the hard work they do to keep us going.

Programs may include:

  • Two weeks of delicious, gluten-free recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, utilizing batch cooking and advanced meal preparation
  • Option to add in 3-day broth cleanse or fasting support
  • Two 30-minute support sessions, available by phone or Skype, to discuss experiences, observations, strategies, evaluating possible food sensitivities, and email support throughout.
  • Guide to special diet protocols, tips for success, and suggestions for eating-on-the-go
  • Guidance on additional cleansing modalities like hydrotherapy, exercise, and meditation
  • Optional daily journal provided to help you document the information your body provides during a special diet or cleanse


Custom Meal Plan | $250

Whole30, AIP, GAPS, or SCD | $125