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Family Cooking & Wellness Series

Family Cooking & Wellness Series

This program is customized for families, comprised of a series of four nutrition counseling sessions, and includes email support between sessions. This program is the one to choose if it's your child or children who are experiencing health issues or have special dietary needs, and is also great for couples. With this approach, family members work together to achieve their goals for mealtimes and for overall wellness. Each session will be flexible to a family’s needs at the time of meeting and can be held at the location of your choosing.

We start with a comprehensive family questionnaire to begin the process of getting to know your family and discovering how to best support individual and family goals. The program will incorporate a variety of customizable options, including:

  • Private cooking class
  • Informational handouts and suggested reading lists for a variety of topics
  • Strategies for difficult eating situations, time constraints, and eating out
  • Suggestions of foods to reduce, eliminate, incorporate or boost
  • Tips for keeping the kitchen stocked with real food
  • Creating connections to clean, high-quality food sources, like local organic produce and pasture-raised meats
  • Flexible strategies to inspire improvised cooking and meal prep (an alternative to meal plans!)
  • Strategies for cooking for the whole family, including advance meal prep and packing lunches
  • Seasonal recipes with allergy-friendly, health-boosting, real food ingredients
  • Tips on practical, budget-friendly, and non-toxic cooking equipment
  • Guided health food tour or farmer’s market tour
  • Coaching to encourage your progress and overall well-being