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Cleansing Programs

Cleansing Programs

Gentle detoxification programs are beneficial for people recovering from addictions, disease, overgrowth of yeast, bacterial infections, parasites, multiple food and environmental allergies, or not-so-healthy lifestyle habits over time (no judgments, of course!) Stress and the environment we live in ultimately take a toll on our bodies. When inflammation has put the body on full-force defense-mode, we can actually turn the dial down to a healthier place of balance. Creating the time to relieve yourself from a toxic burden—built up by conventional food, processed ingredients, unfiltered water, medications, alcohol, pollution, and stress—can jumpstart a path to healing.

Many of us will feel more clear, energized, and grounded after a cleanse. It’s also great opportunity to tune in to how foods may be affecting you; body awareness can be integral when health issues are cloudy or persistent. These programs can also inspire us to keep up with a wholesome diet afterwards during our regular routines. We can also think of detoxification periods as regular ‘health maintenance,’ to give our hard-working bodies a good break once or twice a year from all of the hard work they do to keep us going.

Programs include:

  • 30-Day 'Elimination Diet' for people experiencing possible food sensitivities, includes reintroduction phase
  • 10-Day 'Gentle Seasonal Cleanse'  for periodic detoxification
  • Weekly 30-minute support sessions, available by phone or Skype, to discuss experiences, observations, and strategies for success
  • Cleansing Guide with daily routines, nutritional protocols, seasonal cleansing recipes and eating-on-the-go suggestions, along with suggestions for additional cleansing modalities like hydrotherapy, exercise, and meditation
  • Daily Journal provided to help you document the information your body provides during cleansing
  • Pre- and post-program wellness assessments
  • Evaluation of your experiences and reactions, and suggestions of how to integrate the information you’ve gleaned into your everyday life


Elimination Diet | $250 | available to clients who have enrolled in a Wellness Program

Gentle Seasonal Cleanse | $100 | available to clients who have enrolled in a Wellness Program