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Holistic Nutrition Counseling

Holistic Nutrition Counseling

My approach encourages you to find happiness in preparing and savoring your own nourishing meals. Food is meant to be delicious and to make you feel good. The modern convenience food system and the busy American lifestyle disconnect us from our food and the experience of eating. Add in conflicting messages about the ‘right’ diet, fears about illness, and a collective obsession with the ideal body, the wellness picture becomes even fuzzier. The truth is, none of us find lasting success in fad diets, tasteless diet dinners in a box, or being out on our own feeling frustrated or critical of ourselves.

When we have dietary restrictions, it can take feel like a health condition or a weight concern has taken away the pleasure of eating and in turn, just being. Often times a food sensitivity, digestive imbalance or a nutrient deficiency can cause distressing symptoms and can lead to chronic conditions—and we don’t realize our eating habits are such a big factor. Many of us could use the extra support in figuring out how to process the doctor’s dietary recommendations, or how to make healthy, gradual changes instead of quick and sometimes risky fixes that just don’t last. How many diet books or trends are out there promising results but their methods don’t really resonate with you? How do you figure out a realistic plan that works for your specific health and lifestyle situations? And of course there’s time, always escaping us, so there’s never enough to grocery shop, cook, eat, exercise, play, and rest. Our efforts to be healthy can feel like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs with no destination.

Fortunately, nutrition counseling can guide you in finding your own route to improving health and happiness by making real food on your plate one of your top priorities. It’s so much more than calories. In fact, we can ditch calorie counting for gathering an array of nutrient-dense foods. You may find more to buzz words like ‘local’, ‘gluten-free’ than you might’ve thought. The options for a real food lifestyle are numerous and are tailored to you.

A holistic approach to health and nutrition sees you as an individual person with a unique genetic and personal constitution and draws on the wisdom of your body, as well as the perspectives of many schools of thought on the mind, body, environment, and healing – absolutely including, but not limited to Western medicine and nutritional science. Investing a smart and targeted amount of energy and time into how we eat can lead us to a sustained, lasting sense of wellness. We acknowledge the reality that we’re replete with imperfections and that our bodies and requirements are often changing. The bottom line is you’ll try flexible approaches that that make sense to you and actually feel right.

Homeskillet offers a bright alternative to dieting and complements the treatment or programs provided by many health practitioners, including family doctors, internists, naturopathic physicians, osteopathic physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, homeopaths, fitness instructors, therapists, and many more.

I’ll do my best to support your goals, and to help you feel more vibrant through a positive, creative connection to food—nourished by satisfying meals, real food ingredients and good feelings.

* I offer a 10% discount for anyone who provides a referral for a new client. Thank you for your referrals!
* For individuals and families with financial limitations, I may be able to provide discounted services. Please feel free to reach out with your requests.