Part 2: What is the GAPS Diet? Healing the Gut to Heal Neurological, Psychological, Digestive and Autoimmune Disoders

Nov 25 2013

In Part 1 of this post, I discussed the basic rationale behind Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride’s GAPS Diet and how it aims to heal the gut, and in turn, how it can treat a range of symptoms and disorders. But what do you actually do and eat on GAPS? … Read On »

Part 1: What is the GAPS Diet? Healing the Gut to Heal Neurological, Psychological, Digestive and Autoimmune Disorders

Nov 21 2013

The GAPS diet is a healing protocol that offers many people a treatment method for certain health conditions by healing damage and disorder in the gut. My work in holistic nutrition is rooted in the perspective that the health of our digestive system is connected to our overall health. It’s something I’ve delved into deeply over the past eight years. GAPS is by far the most intensive diet I’ve ever been on and hopefully will ever be on. I’m honestly not a ‘diet’ person, so much as an advocate for individuals to find which real foods make them feel their best. Finding what’s best for me continues to evolve, so after a lot of consideration, I decided to try GAPS. … Read On »

Why Grass-Fed Beef is Better – For Us, the Cows & the Environment

Apr 20 2013

Here’s some phenomenal news that really changed my life for the better: beef from cows roaming a spacious pasture, out in the sunshine, eating fresh green grass and hay as cows were meant to do, is very nutritious and can be an integral part of a balanced, nourishing diet.

There’s strong evidence and so many real-life stories extolling the benefits of grass fed beef, and I wish I could share it all. I’m very passionate about debunking the prevalent myths about an animal food that truly provides sustenance and healing. I really could go on for days! But, I’ll stick with an overview of the differences between grass-fed and conventional beef– touching on the ways animals are raised, the food they eat, and the health benefits of beef from cows raised on the pasture.

Animal Quality of Life

It’s no surprise that many people are compelled to give up meat when they realize how deplorable the conditions are for animals raised in factory farms or confined animal feed lots. … Read On »