Happy Pasture-Raised Chickens Make the World’s Best Eggs

Jul 10 2013

I recently had the pleasure of touring Coyote Creek Organic Farm and Feed Mill in Elgin, Texas with their general manager, Cameron Molberg. Here I saw chickens living in luxury, out on the pasture, taking shelter in protected mobile coops, including shade structures, and get this – refreshing misters to keep them cool on the hottest of Texas days. The coops are moved periodically so that the chickens will forage for bugs and groom the grass, plus their poop fertilizes the soil on this diversified farm where livestock will graze the pasture and eat the replenished grasses. To ensure a healthy diet for chickens and optimal nutrient profile for the eggs they produce, Coyote Creek carefully turns mostly local grains and supplements into feed through the first certified organic feed mill in Texas and one of the few in the US. They even have a soy-free formula and sell soy-free eggs, which ‘real foodies’ like me appreciate. … Read On »