Beef Picadillo with Summer Squash

May 02 2013

For a quick and satisfying dinner, I have a go-to meal, a very loose adaptation of Spanish-style picadillo, improvised with foods I usually have in my kitchen. Using staple ingredients makes this recipe easy to pull together, but it’s also just pleasantly simple to prepare. I make this dish when an extra trip to the grocery store isn’t going to happen, or when I want a hearty dish but don’t feel like working too hard. Even just to peel and cut onions and garlic – there are times I’m not going to be bothered. We always keep ground grass-fed beef in the freezer for quick dishes. I omitted the tomatoes usually found in picadillo because they tend to cause some joint pain for me, but I find that the paprika and chili powder (although they are in nightshade family) are less aggravating and add a nice smokiness to the balance of flavors, including the light salt of the olives and sweetness of the raisins. Preparing the squash and the meat in one (albeit heavy) cast-iron skillet cuts back on time and energy and that only makes me love my cast-iron skillet even more. … Read On »

Why Grass-Fed Beef is Better – For Us, the Cows & the Environment

Apr 20 2013

Here’s some phenomenal news that really changed my life for the better: beef from cows roaming a spacious pasture, out in the sunshine, eating fresh green grass and hay as cows were meant to do, is very nutritious and can be an integral part of a balanced, nourishing diet.

There’s strong evidence and so many real-life stories extolling the benefits of grass fed beef, and I wish I could share it all. I’m very passionate about debunking the prevalent myths about an animal food that truly provides sustenance and healing. I really could go on for days! But, I’ll stick with an overview of the differences between grass-fed and conventional beef– touching on the ways animals are raised, the food they eat, and the health benefits of beef from cows raised on the pasture.

Animal Quality of Life

It’s no surprise that many people are compelled to give up meat when they realize how deplorable the conditions are for animals raised in factory farms or confined animal feed lots. … Read On »

Welcome to Homeskillet

Apr 16 2013

You’ve found your way to the very first post of my blog, Homeskillet. This blog is an educational and entertainment arm of a larger, very small business, also called Homeskillet. Please go right ahead and visit the main website to learn more about what I do and more about who I am.

I’m a certified nutrition educator and trained in holistic and therapeutic culinary arts—and I’m generally a fanatic about real food that tastes amazing and nourishes us. I’m constantly researching food and nutrition and attend classes and conferences to further my knowledge base. I’ve developed curriculum and taught cooking and nutrition to adults and kids in many communities since 2009, and before that, it was sexuality education. I founded Homeskillet in 2011 and the blog is here in 2013.

Through my business, I offer a wide variety of services to help people make real food a manageable and healing part of their lives. Whether it’s one-on-one coaching, taking a cooking class, or trying one of my recipes, I truly hope to inspire people to embrace fresh, home cooking with confidence and a sense of connection to family, friends, tradition, where food comes from, and what real food does for us. … Read On »