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Once we find a rhythm that works, it becomes possible—and fun—to share homemade, nourishing meals with the ones we love. Some of us have significant challenges in our lives and find support from the healing properties of real, whole food ingredients. Most of us just feel our best when we eat fresh food that suits our unique bodies and how we operate. I can help you develop a creative relationship with food that feels manageable, empowering, and supports your wellness goals. Cooking and savoring real food really does feel good!

  • Adrienne is extremely knowledgeable, but also very common-sense and goal-oriented. I had a lot to do in terms of figuring out how to optimize my diet; in our sessions, Adrienne helped point me toward a healthier way to cook and eat. The sessions provided a great opportunity to learn new skills and become a smarter food consumer. I feel a lot more confident about knowing how to take care of my short-term and long-term nutritional needs after meeting with Adrienne.

    - Ben L.
  • I've always considered myself a healthy person, but when I got pregnant I realized I may not be getting all the nutrients I may need for my baby. After consulting with Adrienne, she gave me some suggestions on foods that would help with morning sickness and the strength of my baby. Since applying these new ideas to my diet I have had only praise from my midwife and doctor on how healthy my baby and pregnancy have been. Very grateful for Adrienne and her passion to make the world a more nutritious and delicious place.

    - Cameron J.
  • Adrienne is an excellent nutritionist and chef. She is always updated on the latest research. She puts her heart into her practice and is capable of working with specific dietary needs. I highly recommend working with Adrienne.

    - Dr. Coleen Murphy
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  • Adult, child, & family nutrition
  • Cooking-centered nutrition
  • Fertility, pregnancy & post-pregnancy nutrition
  • Allergies & food sensitivities
  • Digestive disorders
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Chronic pain & fatigue
  • Therapeutic diets & traditional foods
  • Unprocessed, wholesome & environmentally-conscious ingredients